McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: “How to Talk to Your First Grader About School Shootings”

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: “How to Successfully Lie Through Your Pre-K Parent-Teacher Zoom Conference”

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: “An Open Letter to My School District’s Second Grade Teachers Regarding Their School Supplies List”

Elle: “Postpartum Depression Defined” (republication)

The Toast: “Postpartum Depression Defined”

Strange Horizons: “Searching for Bigfoot in Alabama”


American Literary Review: “Monarch” (Flash Flood Winner)



Speed Dating for the Recently Deceased: 1st place, 2022 Rocket City Playwrights Contest

Terminal: finalist, 2021 Rocket City Playwrights Contest

The Undertakers: 2nd place, 2020 Rocket City Playwrights Contest

Flour, Butter, Salt: 2nd place, 2019 Rocket City Playwrights Contest

Other Performances:

“Your One Wild and Precious Life”: Carnegie Art in Words: Old Time Radio Series, Summer 2022, Jackson House Foundation in Moulton, AL and Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur, AL

“Terminal” and “The Undertakers”: Carnegie Art in Words Series: Spring 2022, Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur, AL

“Flour, Butter, Salt” and “The Undertakers”: Survey of Alabama Playwrights: Spring 2021, Covered Bridge Players, Neely Theatre in Oneonta, AL